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"It's All About the Food, Baby!"

Wendy Katz is determined to make her family's new life in South Florida fabulous. But when she becomes inundated with the activities of her overachieving daughter and running interference for her brilliant but socially awkward son, she finds herself hungry for her husband's affection, hungry for new friends, and lately—hungry.


As if her husband's attractive assistant and desperation diets aren't disconcerting enough, Wendy discovers there's a strange man following her. Once he reveals the shocking reason, Wendy learns her biggest problem might not be her reckless or battling her "food baby" after all.


Wendy must decide if she can trust her husband—or is history repeating itself and their last chance is a disaster all over again?

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"I know people say this about books all the time, but I honestly couldn’t put it down! I was late for work and then stayed up way too late until I finished it."

- Beachreader

“Food Baby” is a hilarious, cannot put down novel, by Debbie Lehner Rosenberg...It is easy to identify with Wendy as we all have found ourselves in situations where we try to be better versions of who we are. As an adult pulled into a brand new setting, how often have we found ourselves in situations where we were desperate to fit in?"

- Janet F

"I totally loved the book. Wendy is just trying to make some friends in her life, and how to diet and fail. She is trying to be everything for everyone. She is too funny without trying to be. Wendy is just someone I would want to know.
What a gem of a great book. I read all night and laughed. A BIG 5 stars for Food Baby."

- Edna

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