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Cool Headset

Zoey Moore doesn’t care her New York City bedroom is a curtained off section of the apartment she shares with her best friend, Ana, or her closet is a garment rack. She’s been with Liam, her elusive, hunky boyfriend with mad music skills for a record three week mark and convinced the relationship will soon be permanent. Temping and babysitting jobs fall by the wayside as Zoey pins her hopes for a full time job on her sleek, event planner boss, Christine. Finally, she will be able to stop lying about having enough to eat and pay her bills in her daily I Haven’t Been Murdered In New York call with her mother.

When a presentation for an important client ends in epic disaster, Christine fires Zoey. With an unfinished sign language certificate and abandoned degree in communications, she falls back on temp and babysitting jobs to survive. Her situation becomes desperate when Christine unleashes revenge. At least Zoey has Liam, the best boyfriend, ever, and she gets to live with her soul sister, Ana.

Ana, a graduate audiology student is fighting to remain independent of her controlling mother, and Korean community back in Queens. The plum internship she counts on takes an unexpected turn and she winds pulled back to the family neighborhood. Even worse, there’s a dark secret clouding her heart, but Zoey is her one true friend and Ana would never betray her.

Liam is not who he seems, and after his identity is revealed, Zoey is thrown into a world she never dreamed existed. As though life was not chaotic enough, an upheaval in their living situation changes everything, Ana is forced to move back to Queens while Zoey moves in with Liam. But she soon discovers Liam’s identity isn’t the only secret he was keeping, and the decision he makes threatens to tear Zoey and Ana apart.

Wedding Cake Decorated


Charlie Hernandez’s forensic accountant brain screams all that money spent on weddings is a total waste. Weddings don’t only go against her grain, they make her physically ill. How ironic her sister Sam, with whom she’s had a falling out, chose to become a wedding planner.

When she learns her sister is in the hospital, Charlie leaves New York and flies to South Florida only to discover a bridezilla drove Sam into a catatonic state. Her sister’s assistant fills her in on the gory details: Sam is overextended and if she doesn’t see the wedding through to completion, she will be ruined.

Charlie must overcome her aversion and steps in as the wedding planner or her sister goes down in flames. While her wedding planner role is a scam, her relationship with the bride and her family evolves. Not only is she becoming close with the bride’s sister, there’s the insurance adjuster who’s as hunky as he is good at crunching numbers. Then there’s the father of the groom, a tech giant and Charlie’s hero, not to mention the bride herself who, before the wedding planning began, was a holistic life coach.

Will Charlie be able to pull off the wedding of the decade while keeping her scam a secret?

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