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Happy book birthday, Food Baby!

When It's Happening

Food Baby will be available on February 11th through my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, as well as other major retailers, like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I'll post links at that time.

How it Happened

This may be my debut novel, but I've been telling stories all my life, and writing seriously - with the intent of being published - for twenty-five years. I started when my kids were young, while they were in school and at night (when I wasn't too sleep deprived). I began Ultrasound School in 2003, graduated in 2005 and became a tech. I've done this work since 2006, but I never stopped writing. Working a full-time job while staying devoted to being the best wife and mother I can be had - and still has - its challenges.

Food Baby is my first published novel, but not my first book. There are three others that remain in boxes, in a cabinet, and will most likely never see the light of day, at least in their current form. I believed in Food Baby and dug deep, working on craft, reaching out to professionals and other writers to improve my craft.

And it happened. Being published in a major birthday year was not lost on me. My dream took a long, long time.

Happy book birthday, Food Baby!

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